A Patient’s Guide to Same Day Surgery

Our objectives are:

  • To help prepare you for your ambulatory surgical experience and recovery
  • To prepare you for initiating and maximizing your recovery at home following your procedure
    Preparation for Ambulatory Surgery

Your surgery will take place in an ambulatory surgery center (ASC) located at 3345 S Val Vista Dr. suite 110, Gilbert, Arizona. You will be returning home on the very same day.

Some patients require a Pre-Surgical Screening. This is arranged by your surgeon’s office.

Adhering to the instructions on this checklist will ensure an optimum outcome.

Pre-Surgical Screening

Diagnostic testing may be required prior to your surgical procedure. These tests are ordered by your surgeon. They may include routine tests such as blood tests, urinalysis, chest x-ray, and EKG. This pre-surgical testing is completed prior to surgery.

SurgCenter Gilbert receives notification of your procedure and performs an over-the-phone pre-operative health assessment.

If you take blood thinning medications please contact your surgeon’s office for specific instructions. These include, but are not limited to: aspirin, most anti-inflammatory medications (ibuprofen, naproxen), Plavix, Coumadin, as well as nutritional supplements such as vitamin E, ginseng, ginko biloba, garlic, and ginger.

Pre-Surgical Phone Call

A Registered Nurse from SurgCenter Gilbert will contact you prior to your scheduled surgery to discuss your specific preparations for surgery, to answer your questions, and to obtain your health history, including any medications and/or supplements you are taking.

Showering or Bathing Prior to Surgery

Please shower or bathe the night before or the morning of surgery. Use only non-fragrant antiperspirants/deodorants and lotions.

Brushing Your Teeth Prior to Surgery

You can brush your teeth and rinse before your surgery. DO NOT swallow.

Planning for Help at Home

Arrange for a responsible adult to drive you home from surgery, and to spend the first 24 hours with you. You made need assistance longer depending on your procedure and aftercare, as discussed with you and your surgeon prior to surgery.

Physical Therapy Planning

Some surgical procedures require physical therapy as part of your recovery. Discuss this with your surgeon before your scheduled surgery. It is easier to learn about outpatient rehabilitation facilities, their locations and hours, and accepted insurance places prior to your surgery.


Prearrange for a responsible adult to escort and transport you home after your surgery. Patients are not allowed to drive themselves home after surgery. This arrangement must be clearly established when you arrive to SurgCenter Gilbert for your procedure.